Digital Solutions

Odoo - ERP

(Enterprise Resource Planning)

Odoo is a fully integrated and customizable open-source ERP system, that integrates all business functions in one single environment. Provides a suite of business modules and apps that meets the needs of companies of all sizes and budgets across all industries. They are integrated with each other, but can also be used stand-alone.

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Bimser - DCM

(Digital Content Management)

Bimser International is a global enterprise software publishing company based in Turkey and New York with global presence. Bimser is your World-Class partner for the Next-Generation Content Services Platform. Meet the real low code platform which combines the latest technology together with all your business digital requirements.

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Odoo Gold Partner

The recognition of Odoo Gold Partner gives to our customers the confidence that we met the criteria to ensure that we will provide them with the professional service they seek, from planning, implementing, and customizing, to training and ongoing support.

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Digital Transformation Experts 

Bimser is a leading system provider of vertical solutions that include Workflow, Process, Performance, Assets, and Document Management, with mobile applications that help in managing field force and business automation. 

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Workflow and Document Management System (WDMS)

eBA Workflow and Document Management System will help you manage all your corporate processes and your documents, which are the inputs and outputs of your processes, effectively and efficiently on one unified digital platform. 

eBA will provide Business Process Automation, Electronic Record Management System, Digitization Management, Business Dashboards.

Enterprise Assets Management  

BEAM Enterprise Asset Management solution covers the entire process of an asset from entering the corporate inventory until it is scrapped. In addition, it determines the causes of malfunctions of your machines, compares the purchase price of your machine with the material and labor costs spent on it, and creates decision-support information for your management about the economic life of the machine.

Integrated Management System

QDMS Integrated Management System is a management system solution that is developed to realize targeted quality. QDMS management system eliminates dependency on individuals in your processes and opens the door to becoming ISO certified via Audit and Legislation Compliance.

QDMS provides Controlled Document Management, Complaint Management, Corrective / Preventive Activity Management (CAPA), Audit, Survey, Action, Training, and Risk Management.  

Process, Performance Management, and BSC 

Ensemble aims to make your organization’s processes intelligent by transferring them to digital environment, based on your organization’s philosophy to be managed by processes. Thanks to Intelligent Process Management, you can map all your process relationships and links and maximize your process maturity level.  Ensemble provides  Intelligent Process and Performance Management,  Multi-level Business Modeling, Audit Taking Measures, & Balanced Score Cards - KPIs.