eBA by Bimser (Enterprise Automation Solution)               

Workflow and Document Management System             


In today's rapidly evolving landscape where agility is becoming increasingly crucial, transitioning your business processes to digital platforms, and leveraging the Bimser eBA Workflow Management System can provide numerous advantages. By doing so, you can accelerate your processes and streamline your operations effectively.

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Advantages of Workflow, Document, and Record Management Systems in the Digital Era


Experience the untapped power of streamlined efficient, and highly optimized work processes with Bimser eBA's Document Management System. In today's rapidly evolving world, where agility is paramount for success, transform your work processes into digital workflows and unlock lightning-fast approvals through Bimser eBA's Work Process Automation.

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Unlocking Efficiency and Streamlining Processes with Agile Flow Design

Fast and Easy Integration with ERP Systems

​​Process Oriented Business Model 

Sector/Department Independent Process Management

Uninterrupted Workflow with Mobile Application

Safer with Multi Factor  Authentication