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All your business on one platform. Simple, efficient, yet affordable!

Imagine a vast collection of business apps at your disposal.

Got something to improve? There is an app for that.No complexity, no cost, just a one-click install.Each app simplifies a process and empowers more people.
Imagine the impact when everyone gets the right tool for the job, with perfect integration.



Thanks to these features, the ERP system Data has grown into an essential tool for millions of companies worldwide


No Vendor Lock-in

Frequent Product Growth

Proven Product with 7 Million+ Users

Globally Accepted Application

Proven Quality

High Quality at Reasonable Price

Outstanding ERP solution

Minimal Investment

40000+ Ready to Use Modules

Fully Integrated Modules

Expanding Day By Day

All your business on one platform.

Simple, efficient, yet affordable!

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Meet Odoo 17 ... Latest Version of Odoo, discover the new era of Odoo

Odoo 17 has been released, The fastest, most beautiful, and intuitive version yet! Odoo UI/UX refactoring is expected

  • Odoo UI/UX refactoring is expected
  • Icons can be arranged on the home screen as desired
  • Shortcuts are expected to be applicable to mobile apps to work with PWA
  • Unified search in Odoo 17 Milk theme
  • Expected the ability to import modules from Apps
  • Pop-ups are expected to be draggable
  • Freeze list and Kanban column headers while scrolling
  • Advanced search filters in every model to filter data based on rule


Business Industries & Odoo

Our Industry Specifics And Process Segments To Solve Your Complex Business Barriers.


Easily procure and sell your products


plan,track and schedule your operations

Wholesale Distribution

Integrate all facets of your wholesale processes seamlessly


ntegrate your invoicing processes effortlessly

​What's new in Odoo 17?

Here are some of the notable features and improvements in the newly launched Odoo 17, unveiled at Odoo Experience 2024


  • Products available in the sale order line to choose products from the catalog view itself
  • Records can be easily selected with the keyboard using the Shift + down arrow in the list view

Point of Sale

  • The ordered item’s preparation screen in the kitchen and its status is expected in the point of sale Bar/Restaurant configuration
  • Generate a code on the point-of-sale ticket that adds a 5-digit code on the receipt to allow the user to request the invoice for an order on the portal
  • Takeaway feature in Bar/restaurant configuration

Sign and Document

  • A reminder for documents waiting for a sign will appear once a document has been signed in the signature module


  • Meetings can be sorted by day, week, and month in the calendar view

HR Management

  • HR Organizational charts for departments are expected in the employee module
  • Ability to print Employee Resume with customizable colors and required information


  • Display the total amount in letters on the invoice.
  • Ability to Import bank statements in XLS and XLSX format

Our value proposition stands out from the rest.

All-in-One Solution: Elevate Your User Experience

Experience a superior user journey accompanied by a comprehensive suite of offerings to fulfill all your needs.

Unified App Suite: Streamline Activities with Seamless Automation & Monitoring

Our suite of apps operates seamlessly in unison, granting you the power to automate and monitor all your activities. This centralized, online platform can be accessed from anywhere, using any device.

Enhanced Usability: Consistent Experience Across Integrated Odoo Apps

Any usability enhancements implemented in Odoo automatically extend to all our integrated apps, ensuring a consistent and improved user experience.

Odoo: Harnessing Open Source for the Ultimate Business App Ecosystem

Odoo's open-source development model has enabled us to harness the expertise of thousands of developers and business professionals, resulting in the creation of the world's largest ecosystem of fully integrated business apps.

Elevate User Experience with Odoo's Unique and Modern Framework

The framework of Odoo boasts a modern and elegant technical design, setting it apart from others. This unique framework enables us and our community of developers to deliver unparalleled user-friendliness that scales across all our apps.

Rapid Evolution: Experience Faster Progress with Odoo's Annual Releases

Moreover, Odoo undergoes regular annual releases, allowing it to evolve at a faster pace compared to alternative solutions.


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