Beam (Enterprise Asset Management)                                        

All-in-One Solution for Asset Efficiency​                                       


With the implementation of BEAM (Bimser Enterprise Asset Management), organizations can proactively address potential issues, extend the lifespan of their assets, and enhance overall efficiency within work environments. By recording crucial information in the system, problems can be identified and resolved before they even occur, enabling organizations to take proactive measures. This results in optimized asset management, improved operational productivity, and a more efficient work environment.

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Centralizing Critical Assets: The Key to Effective Asset Management


​In the realm of asset management, the centralization of critical assets takes center stage. This entails the definition and management of various asset types, such as facilities, critical infrastructure, machinery, equipment, workbenches, and industrial OT/IT assets, across all business locations. By connecting these assets through a flexible structure, organizations can effectively monitor and manage their assets, ensuring optimal performance and operational efficiency throughout the business.       

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Enterprise Asset Management
Enterprise Asset management can lead you and your company to higher profits, less downtime and savings. Drive continuous improvement to maximize uptime and maximize return on assets.

​Manage your maintenance within the scope of Planned and Continuous Improvement

Manage your spare parts in stock

Track asse lifecycles

Provide flexible and fast data access with mobile asset management

​Reduce maintenance costs/Increase production efficiency

Manage your end-to-end purchasing processes with workflow support