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The right tools Real-estate Management, economics, Development, Management, Technology and Investment, and Legislation. You will find all that you need for your real estate with ECO RE.

Whether you're a property management agency, an independent sales agent, or a project developer, our Odoo Real Estate Solution provides the ideal software support for your business needs.
Designed to cater to real estate companies involved in selling, renting, building, or managing properties of any scale, our Real Estate solution is the ideal fit for your business. Our goal is to revolutionize the real estate software market, transforming the way companies and agents handle their processes, properties, and communication.

Comprehensive Property Management:

ECO RE Real Estate Management Software provides a comprehensive solution for managing properties of all types and sizes. From listing properties and tracking inquiries to managing lease agreements and maintenance requests, the software offers a centralized platform to streamline property management processes. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency.

Effortless Listing and Marketing:

Effectively showcasing and marketing properties is crucial for real estate professionals. Odoo simplifies the listing process by providing intuitive tools to create and manage property listings, including detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and virtual tours. Additionally, the software enables seamless integration with popular real estate portals, expanding the reach and visibility of listings to attract potential buyers or tenants.

Streamlined Sales and Lease Management:

Closing deals promptly is vital in the real estate industry. ECO RE Real Estate Management Software offers a streamlined sales and lease management system, enabling agents to track leads, manage negotiations, generate contracts, and monitor the entire sales or lease process. This ensures transparency, facilitates efficient communication, and accelerates deal closure.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Building and nurturing strong relationships with clients is a key aspect of real estate success. Odoo integrates a robust CRM system within its real estate management software, allowing professionals to track customer interactions, manage contacts, and tailor communication to individual needs. This centralized CRM enables personalized client engagement, enhances customer satisfaction, and drives repeat business.

​Efficient Financial Management:

Proper financial management is crucial for real estate agencies and professionals. Eco RE Real Estate Management Software offers features for tracking expenses, managing commissions, generating financial reports, and facilitating seamless integration with accounting systems. This streamlines financial processes, enhances transparency, and enables accurate financial analysis.

Mobile Access and Collaboration:

Real estate professionals are often on the move, requiring access to critical information at their fingertips. Eco RE Real Estate Management Software offers mobile applications, ensuring agents can access property details, manage leads, and track progress from anywhere. Additionally, the software facilitates collaboration among team members, allowing for efficient sharing of information, tasks, and updates.