QDMS (Quality Management System) 
            business-friendly management system solution 


Introducing a Business-Friendly Solution for Quality Management Systems
To achieve targeted quality in Integrated Management Systems, a specialized management system solution has been developed. This business-friendly solution is designed to assist organizations in effectively implementing and maintaining integrated management processes. By leveraging this solution, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance quality control measures, and optimize their overall performance. With its user-friendly interface and tailored features, this solution provides a practical and efficient approach to realizing targeted quality within Integrated Management Systems

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Integrated Management Systems: Tackling Systemic Challenges Holistically

 ISMS Management System                            

 EHS Management System                               


Quality Management System (QMS)

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Integrated Management Systems combine multiple internal management systems within institutions, providing a holistic perspective to address systemic problems efficiently. By consolidating various systems, organizations can tackle interconnected issues comprehensively and implement cohesive strategies for improved performance

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Integrated Management System
Manage all your works that need to be followed within the scope of Integrated Management Systems in a planned and effective way.

Increase your inspection speed.

Increase job tracking efficiency.

Ensure compliance with management systems.

Get the customer-focused experience.

Benefit from deep industry experience. 

Create corporate culture, facilitate adaptation.

What can be done with the QDMS Mobile Application?

The mobile application of QDMS is the solution that allows you to access the functions of QDMS from mobile devices of both IOS and Android operating systems and perform your transactions.