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AZN O&M Company W.L.L.

AZN Success Story

Read how AZN C&O streamlined their document management process to achieve global organizational quality level for Energy production.


AZN C&O is Kuwait's first privately owned and independent energy facility. They have 10% of Kuwait's Energy generation capacity as well as 20% of Kuwait’s installed water capacity with over 107 million gallons produced daily and 1519 MW power capacity. As one of the largest energy providers in Kuwait, AZN manages hundreds of documents daily between legal papers, stakeholders, reports and other important assets and so they needed a reliable solution to streamline their document management process.

Solution :

We used the power of Bimser’s Quality Document Management System (QDMS) to digitize AZN document management process which helped us implement Systematic Traceability Methodology to store and trace actions, transactions, documentation, risks and responses and all important information that need to be recorder and traced. We also implemented a mobile structure that allowed AZN documents to be accessed by authorized personnel in a timely manner, adapting their existing managed process to the digital world and the most up-to-date best practices in quality document management.

Outcome :

Our beloved partners, AZN, enjoy the benefits of that investment. They have full digital control and visibility over their quality documents with one source of truth to allow for easy tracking and retrieval of all the documents. Their workforce efficiency has increased and they exceeded the targeted organizational quality level set globally by the powerhouses of the energy industry world-wide. Today, they continue to provide power and water to the citizens of our beloved Kuwait, contributing to the quality of life and economy of the country.  

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