eBA (Enterprise Automation Solution)                                     

                       Workflow and Document Management System                                             



In today's rapidly evolving landscape where agility is becoming increasingly crucial, transitioning your business processes to digital platforms, and leveraging the Bimser eBA Workflow Management Sys​tem can provide numerous advantages. By doing so, you can accelerate your processes and streamline your operations effectively.

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   ​Document Management System                     

Create your corporate memory, create your folders, upload, authorize and index your documents with eBA Workflow and Document Management System

  Business Process Automation                                 

With eBA, get rid of your no added value works, increase your profitability, reduce your costs and increase productivity by using your time effectively


 Dashboard (Graphical Reporting)

More importantly, drag and drop design your corporate processes and circulate your forms for approval, Also turn this data into visual reports

 Digitization   Management

Improve your performance by prioritizing value and use your resources effectively. Integrate your content into your processes in digital transformation

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​ eBA by Bimser

Experience the untapped power of streamlined efficient, and highly optimized work processes with Bimser eBA's Document Management System. In today's rapidly evolving world, where agility is paramount for success, transform your work processes into digital workflows and unlock lightning-fast approvals through Bimser eBA's Work Process Automation.


Advantages of Workflow, Document, and Record Management Systems

in the Digital Era

  • ​​ Agile Flow Design                                                                                                                             
  • ​​Process Oriented Business Model                                                                                        
  • ​​ Fast and Easy Integration with ERP Systems                                                             
  • ​​ Multi-Language Support                                                                                                             

  • ​​Sector/Department Independent Process Management                     
  • Uninterrupted Workflow with Mobile Application
  • ​​ Safer with Multi Factor Authentication
  • ​​ ​ Delegation Infrastructure

Design your processes with drag and drop

Circulate your forms on approval

Turn data into visual reports

Create your documents

Build your corporate memory 



Create your folders 

In today’s conditions, where the importance of agility is increasing day by day, move your business processes to digital and give your approvals with Bimser eBA Workflow Management System, speed up your processes.


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